Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week 6, Thing 15 Perspectives on Library 2.0

The Library 2.0 Meme Map from bonariabianco

I’ll admit (again) that “Library 2.0″ probably isn’t the best label. That assumes that everything that came before now was “Library 1.0″ (including Alexandria). That’s silly. I’d suggest, then, that the term was coined amidst a flurry of excitement, partially spurred by Web 2.0, but mostly by the promise of an exciting new era in modern librarianship. Instead of arguing over the efficacy of a label, look inward and evaluate your own institution’s efficacy.

11 Reasons Why Library 2.0 Exists and Matters blyberg.net

I liked the "Machine is Us/ing us" video the pace of the video seemed somewhat analogous to the pace that technology is moving. I read all of the suggested articles and then looked at the links from the Wikipedia entry and links from those pages. I think that the Library 2.0 Meme Map by Bonaria Biancu very clearly, completely, and succinctly explains the concept.

With RFID, self checkout, wifi, internet access for all within the branch and then online reference materials, Ask Us Now, ebooks, downloadable audio, etc. available to customers remotely BCPL is an active participant in this "new" library mindset.

Below are some links to library websites that are utilizing some web 2.0 / library 2.0 concepts and technology like RSS feeds, tagging, social computing, blogging, and open source. Library 2.0 might be here now and for the forseeable future, but I must say I find Library 4.0 most appealing:

Library 4.0 revives the old image of a country house library, and renovates
it: from a retreat, a sanctuary, a pampered experience with
information—subtle thoughts, fine words, exquisite brandy, smooth coffee,
aromatic cigar, smell of leather, rustle of pages—to the dream economy’s
library, the LIBRARY: a WiFREE space, a retreat from technohustle, with
comfortable chairs, quiet, good light, coffee and single malt. You know, the

Schultz, Wendy To a Temporary Place in Time ... OCLC Next Space

Library websites to look at:

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LincolnFreak said...

Hi, Hammer -- The Library 2.0 meme map is a great way to see the total picture. Also, thanks for the NYT article on the Espresso Book Machine. Wow. Where are libraries headed?